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Residential moving

One of the most intimate parts of your life is your household, and it can be incredibly stressful when you must relocate. You want to select a moving company that you can trust that will move your property efficiently and safely from one location to the next. There are many tips that we offer our clients to assist them in their moving ventures.

Before you hire a moving company, you should change the address on all your utilities, household bills, and any other important documentation. There are many minor issues that can arise through the moving process, and when you start putting small things in order you ensure you minimize the risk of pending problems.

Fidelity Transportation Inc. can reduce the amount of stress with your move by providing personalized service options. We proudly boast a team of expert movers that have the proper equipment to move your belongings safely and speedily. Our specialists are experiences in handling any situations that a potential relocation could possess. Our amazing staff has a plan of action that they always adhere to regardless of the situation.

Through the course of relocating your belongings we provide the following services and preparations to make your move seamless and efficient:

1. Assessment and Individual Approach

Before we even start the process of your relocation we assess the amount of work that needs to be completed. We understand that all moves are unique, and we create individual moving plans for each of our customers. Any competent New York moving company will assess your needs before they begin to move your property.

2. Packing

This is one of the most important and tedious parts of the moving process. You must take care when you pack your property to protect everything especially those items of value. Our staff is trained to take the utmost care in packing your property, and through this service you have less tasks on your to-do list. Throughout the entire priority safety is our ultimate priority and we take it very seriously.

3. Transportation

The trick to efficient relocation relies on movers being speedy and safe through the transportation process. You don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle, loading, unloading, or any other physical task. We want to take care of all your moving needs, and our experts make you a priority. We can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with our service and that all your property will arrive safely to its new location.

4. Unpacking

One of the worst parts of moving is unpacking all your boxes, but we offer a service to make your life easier. We can unpack all your boxes so that it doesn’t feel like you are moving into an empty space! If you like, you can request this service and we will put everything in its proper place.